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Primewell Tires is a fantastic brand in the tire and auto parts industry. It is noted for its quality production since in business. Primewell Tires comes from a China based company called Giti. This line of products is distributed in the US by Bridgestone-Fireston. This ensures that this marvelous tire product reaches the least of its dedicated users. Having been satisfied with suitable products from Primewell Tires, a lot of clients have confirmed to the satisfactory and reliable features of the tires. This Primewell Tires review is dedicated to their features and usefulness.

A remarkable feature of the Primewell Tires is that they are produced with adequate safety requirements. The industry-standard tires are required to maintain a minimum safety standard in order to be able to market. Primewell Tires provides value-priced high performance tires suitable for light and passenger truck tires designed in-line with the 5400 American and foreign model trucks and cars. This line of products has been proven affordable and reliable.

Primewell Tires Review

Primewell Tires

Primewell Tires offers four tires used for many applications. You can get these tires at the Fireston Tire Ceneters within the nation and in many other local tire stores like ExpertTire, Tire Plus or Wheel Works. These tires come with a variety of warranties, which is among the attractive features you may want to explore in this product line.

The PZ900 max high performance tire from Primewell Tires is produced with a V-shaped tread and suited for all season performance and grip levels in varying road situations. The integrated open shoulder design coupled with a directional pattern, and double wide grooves enhance the effectiveness of water evacuation, which helps to prevent hydroplaning. The wide center rib improves the handling and lateral traction, which also facilitates performance and safety in wet weather conditions. A quiet and smooth ride is achieved with the progressive angled treads which are normally optimized with variable pitch. The advanced design protecting rims of Primewell Tires offers sidewall stability, which protects curb damage to the wheel.

The Primewell PS830 and PS850 touring passenger’s tires can be used for all season, and they are available at very economical prices. There is the T-, H- and S- speed rated tires, which are designed with four main circumferential grooves. There are also other designs that help to reduce hydroplaning and improving the traction in wet conditions coupled with many other features incorporated in these categories.

The PS860 tire is a properly designed tire for sport performance model from Prime well tires. It comes with various features like the triple-wide longitudinal grooves and multiple sipes, three circumferential grooves, double circumferential center rib, corner stability features and many others.

Primewell Tires is among the top high-performance tire producers in the auto part industry. They offer a variety of products that can be reliable in various conditions. While choosing the right tire for your private or commercial car may be a challenging, many people, however, say that Primewell Tires have minor noise related problems. This Primewell Tires review should help you to make your decision depending on what you want and how your car or tire will be put to use.

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Cravin Morehead March 20, 2012 at 8:49 pm

This review sounds like Chinese Government double speak. “A remarkable feature is that they are produced with ADEQUATE SAFETY requirements.” Really?
Run, Ferris, run.


aamir March 22, 2012 at 1:04 pm

in pakistan repoutation of primewel tyre are well,i want to purchase truck tyres,size of truck tyre are 1020,1120,1220 in 16,18 ply price,plz give me your lowest priice,than i will purchase 1500 truck tyre


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