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Low profile is the quantity of rubber that is between the road and the outside edge of the rim or wheel. In short, low profile tires describe the height of the sidewall of a tire. If the cushioning on the tire between the road and the rim is less the imperfection of the road is directly sent to the suspension. It is easier to identify tires using the size code that is displayed on the sidewall. For instance, P245/45ZR17 is the code and the number following the slash is the code. This number varies from small to big displaying the height of the sidewall; a smaller number shows a smaller height of the side wall.

Sports cars like Cadillac Escalade use low profile tires with large-diameter wheels. For the best performance sports cars normally use low profile tires with short sidewall. Tires are the major accessory of a vehicle and hence if the vehicle is not fitted with the right tires, there could a lot of inconvenience related to fuelling and comfort. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of low profile tires before making a choice of what to buy for your vehicle.

Low Profile Tires

Low Profile Tire

Low Profile Tires’ Pros

The sales of these low profile tires are rising steadily, and the manufacturers are increasing their offerings constantly on these tires. While some regard them as sexy and sleek others consider them ugly. Drivers prefer these tires because from a driving point of view, they are wider and hence provide a better grip and response while cornering. The bigger rims and breaks enable quick stopping especially when you are driving fast. With these reasons, sports drivers and those frequently using rough terrains for their drives have a wide choice and reason to choose low profile tires.

Low Profile Tires’ Cons

If your car is not designed to take on low profile tires, the stability is less for your vehicle when you fit these tires on. The ride with low profile tires is harsher than with traditional tires making you feel the irregularity of the road surface. The rims and the side walls are very likely to suffer damage. If you have your home in the Snow Belt then surely low profile tires should never be your choice of tires because they have significantly little to no grip on the snowy surfaces.

Generally, since most of us drive mostly on highways and in the city on tar roads, the low profile tires are not the right choice. However, if you have an idea of heading for the woods and the twisting roads with rough rocky terrain your best buy is the low profile tire that has a great grip on the terrain.

A notable tip: when you buy them buy the entire set and don’t mix regular tires with low profile ones for a single vehicle. Given the pros and cons of the low profile the decision is left to the user of the vehicle and the type of terrain that one frequents. Buy wisely and benefit excessively from the tires you choose.

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